Damascening Art

Damascening Art

The art of steel manufacturing originates from manufacturing Iron objects which has been developed by employing the artistic talent. This art has been very common through making battle tools since the time of Achaemenid, but today what we know of this, art, that is making use of steel and wire and inlaying gold on its surface, has become common since Seljukian Dynasty. In addition, since Safavid Dynasty, this art has been used in flag making and construction of animals and birds statues for ornamenting the flags.


In the art of steel making, making undulations on gold and silver is called damascening.

Damascening, art of encrusting gold, silver, or copper wire on the surface of iron, bronze and steel. A narrow undercut is made in the surface of the metal with the chisel and wire forced into the undercut by means of a hammer.

Damascened work of high quality is still produced by best craftsmen in Iran.